About Us

Firstly, thank you for taking an interest in our products and our journey to market - I'll try to keep posting blog/social media updates as often as possible. Peter Ryan, Founder.



Rainsurfer Ltd. was founded in 2018 by Peter Ryan, a Scotsman who has lived in Dublin for over 20 years. Previously, Peter started his working career with Royal Mail as an electrical engineer and despite his career evolving into different areas, has always maintained an interest in engineering and innovative technology.

In 2016, Peter started to experiment with water pumps after his son had completed a school project on saving water. The first problem he saw seemed to be that many buildings (his son's school included) saved water in rain barrels but only used a small amount of it, mostly to water plants. Why couldn't the water be used to flush toilets, wash hands, etc.?

Of course, there was a "simple" solution. Get an electric pump. However, when looking at it more closely other problems arose, and the many reasons why so few people connect a pump became apparent. Here are a few of the issues;

  • No electrical supply at the water storage barrel location
  • Installation of an electrical supply is expensive (and dangerous if DIY)
  • Water is heavy and needs a relatively large pump (which makes solar very expensive)
  • A water pump needs to be controlled (switched on/off) which can involve extensive internal wiring and/or switchgear.

Of all the solutions tested, one seemed to fit the purpose; the spiral pump. Here is a picture of an initial, partially constructed, proof of concept prototype.

This was taken in February 2016.

Over the next few years, and in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and TUDublin, a mains/solar operated prototype was constructed, tested and a Patent applied for. The HiRiser® unit, as it was named, uses 36 Watts of power drawn from a 22Ahr battery and powered from a single 50 Watt solar panel or 240V mains electricity. 


Following 2 x Innovation Vouchers from Enterprise Ireland and participation in the New Frontiers Hothouse Programme, it was decided in 2020 to manufacture the HiRiser® solar pump. See a report from PEM Sligo here.


As we are all aware, Covid 19 struck and all plans to launch the product into the hospitality sector were put on hold. However, it was always envisaged to design a spiral pump which was simple, durable and could be of use where electricity was not an option. Initially, this was to be targeted at poorer countries where water scarcity was a problem, but it was soon obvious that there could be uses nearer to home.

Luckily, the manufacturers of the HiRiser® were able to re-engineer, re-tool and adapt existing components to produce the HiRiser® Hand Pump.

A picture of an early prototype 

The Way Ahead?


The HiRiser Liquid Composter reduces food waste, recycles nutrients and adds beneficial microbes, carbon and active organic material to soil in an inexpensive, simple and ecofriendly way.

The Liquid Composter allows people to recycle kitchen and garden waste by turning it into active organic matter - a valuable composting material.
The odorless process needs no electricity and the liquid produced contains valuable nutrients, aerobic microbes and humates/carbon which are all proven to improve soil health and plant growth.


Foreign Fields - One of our testers in Ireland is involved with overseas aid/engineering projects and we have just sent several of our hand pumps for field testing in Nepal. It is our ambition to set up a charity which distributes low cost water pumps to poor or water scarce regions of the world.   

Other Applications - If you have a professional interest or have any innovative ideas of applications where you think spiral pump technology would be of use please let us know! 

As you can see, we are pursuing many areas of interest - I hope you will stay with us for the journey.