Aerated Liquid Compost Generator

The idea is simple - recycle nutrients from kitchen and garden waste materials by allowing them to decompose in an aerated liquid (water). The materials (grass, garden clippings, potato peel, waste vegetables etc.) are placed in a mesh bag which is then submerged in a small tank of water. The water is then circulated and aerated several times per day, constantly ensuring the dissolved oxygen content of the water does not drop to zero.

The first liquid that is produced is well known to gardeners as aerated compost tea. This is high in nutrients and also aerobic bacteria which can then be applied to your garden. The interesting part however, happens around the three week mark when the liquid turns much darker. This is when the decomposition of materials in the mesh bag (greens) are almost completely broken down and humates are released into the liquid. Importantly, as the liquid is never anaerobic, the process is odorless and the liquid harmless.
I use approximately 40 pints (20 litres) daily and top-up the mesh bags and water regularly. This is what I have been applying to my plants and soil with great results. The process itself can be manually operated so no electricity is required.