Gravity Fountain

Garden Or Pond Fountain Set-up with a HiRiser® Hand Pump

See the short video below showing how to set-up a basic gravity fed fountain using a HiRiser® Hand Pump. What you will need;

  • 2 x Water containers
  • 1 x HiRiser® Hand Pump
  • 1 x Fountain 
  • Garden hose and connections

Connecting your house water barrel to another (elevated) water container allows you to expand your water storage capabilities and use gravity to your advantage. By adding in a small fountain, fed from the elevated tank, you can add even more storage and enjoy the visual and aural delights of a water fountain.

Completing the loop by sending the overflow of the fountain back to the HiRiser® trough will allow you to refill the elevated tank at any time.

TIP: The bigger your fountain basin the longer it will be able to run. Eg., if the fountain holds 60 litres before overflowing back to the HiRiser® trough which holds an additional 20 litres your fountain will discharge 80 litres before you need to pump the trough water back up to the elevated tank. Therefore, if your fountain flow rate is approximately 0.5 litres per minute, you will have 160 minutes / 2hrs 40 minutes uninterrupted flow. You can, of course, just top-up the tank every time the HiRiser® trough fills up! 


Watch the Youtube video: